If I was asked what style best describes my paintings I would have to say that they are a mixture of various techniques that I have taken from several 19th & 20th Century artist. Even though the works of artists such as Picasso have always influenced me, I believe that I have created a distinct style of my own. Abstractism, realism and cubism are very prevalent elements in all my paintings. Mixed together they create an image that is uniquely my own. My paintings usually have a common theme to them, a main character (usually a woman) in the foreground surrounded by many hidden images of musical instruments and still life in the background.

I have been told on numerous occasions that what the audience finds most appealing about my paintings is that they can see it one way today and then see it in a completely different light the next day. There are always new things to find in the paintings that allow the viewer to delve deeper into their own interpretations. It gives me great satisfaction to know that I have created a piece of art that is both visually appealing and stimulating to the mind.

My family has always had a very large influence on my work; they provide me with my inspiration. I have found that without even realizing it, at times my personal thoughts and feelings find their way into my artwork. I take great pleasure in having a profession that allows me to be able to express my true self. I see myself as a very lucky person in that I have a profession that allows me to spend my days doing what I love most.

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